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    A Complete Handbook of Literary Forms in the Bible Kindle Edition

      A Complete Handbook of Literary Forms in the Bible To truly understand God’s Word, we must know both what it says (content) and how it says it (form). This accessible guide features over 250 alphabetically arranged entries explaining common literary forms found in the Bible. Each entry contains a succinct definition, helpful illustrations, and a representative list of passages where that particular literary form is present. More than merely a dictionary, this indispensable resource will help Bible readers […]

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    Sense and Sensibility- FREE today (10.7)

    Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen- FREE for Kindle (10.7) Abeloved classic, Austen’s first published novel explores the question of what drives your life: your heart or your head? The Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne, are as different as sisters can be. Serious Elinor lives by reason and thoughtfulness while her younger sister, Marianne, only follows her passions. But in questions of love, they learn neither the heart nor head alone will lead them to […]

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    Apologia SALE!

    Apologia SALE! Apologia is one of my very favorite publishers. Don’t miss this sale! We LOVE their science curriculum for every age level, plus Bible-based resources for the whole family. Head over now—-> Apologia.com

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    BLACK FRIDAY SALE-Queen Homeschool

    this post contains affiliate links One of our very favorite publishers has some awesome sales going on for Black Friday! Queen Homeschool —> SAVE 25% on Digital products or 10% on Printed Products.  Check out all of the products by clicking below:  

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    Grandma’s Attic Series- FREE-$0.99!

    this post contains affiliate links More Stories from Grandma’s Attic- FREE right now for Kindle!     The late Arleta Richardson grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan. There, her storyteller grandmother recounted memories of her childhood. Arleta retells those tales vividly, stories that have now reached more than two million people around the world.     These titles are ONLY $0.99 ! <A HREF=”http://ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?rt=tf_ssw&ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fsimp0e6-20%2F8003%2F3ee12ebc-588d-4707-94ce-918d647e37df&Operation=NoScript”>Amazon.com Widgets</A>

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    Middle and High School Plan: Bible-Based Homeschooling- UPDATED

    A Bible-Based Homeschool plan for the new year. Phew. I did it. Well, the Lord did it. HE finally helped me get a plan in place for the new school year. This year we will have a 9th grader, 7th grader, 5th grader, and a 1st grader. To God be the glory. High school was the biggest challenge for me to plan. I just kept praying that the Lord would direct our steps, and I […]

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    Lit: A Christian Guide to Reading Books {Kindle}

    this post contains affiliate links Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books on sale for Kindle! I love to read. I hate to read. I don’t have time to read. I only read Christian books. I’m not good at reading. There’s too much to read. Chances are, you’ve thought or said one of these exact phrases before because reading is important and in many ways unavoidable. Learn how to better read, what to read, when to read, […]

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    Pilgrims Progress

    this post contains affiliate links This is one of our all-time favorite read alouds! And right now it is FREE for Kindle! Pilgrim’s Progress: Updated, Modern English. With Original Illustrations. Often disguised as something that would help him, evil accompanies Christian on his journey to the Celestial City. As you walk with him, you’ll begin to identify today’s many religious pitfalls. These are presented by men such as Pliable, who turns back at the Slough […]

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    The Mockingbird Parables: Transforming Lives through the Power of Story

    this post contains affiliate links This looks incredible! On SALE now! The Mockingbird Parables: Transforming Lives through the Power of Story The Mockingbird Parables takes readers on an inspiring and engaging journey through Harper Lee’s beloved 1960 literary masterpiece, introducing each character through the lens of faith. The enigmatic Boo Radley as an allegorical representation of God, “the divine, mysterious neighbor” who watches over, protects, and longs to know his children personally. The hero, Atticus […]

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