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    Recovering Redemption: A Gospel Saturated Perspective on How to Change

    Recovering Redemption: A Gospel Saturated Perspective on How to Change on sale right now for Kindle. Life never lacks for improvement—in ourselves, in our relationships, in just about everything. But all our brave stabs at getting better, if they ever change anything, are incomplete at best, complete failures at worst. Sometimes much worse. Unless . . . The gospel of Jesus Christ is the great “unless” of life—both for those who already believe (but can’t believe […]

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    Old Story: New Ten Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God- Kindle!

    this post contains affiliate links Family Devotional time is so important. This Kindle devotional ebook is FREE right now! (reg. $24.99) Old Story New: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God Easy-to-Use Devotional Helps Parents Share the Living Gospel Story! Filled with adventure, suspense, drama, and mystery, the gospel story easily captures the attention of children. Even better, the gospel story gives life. We are saved and our children are saved as we review […]

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    IndoctriNation is on sale for Kindle right now. Why a growing number of parents choose not to send their children to public school. The companion book to the award-winning documentary “IndoctrinNation”, this eye-opening book includes: – An unforgettable introduction by a father who lost his son in the Columbine school massacre — “I put him in a pagan school where they teach there is no God.” – 12 common reasons people give not to homeschool — […]

  • Ken Ham

    Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions by Ken Ham

    this post contains affiliate links Right now you can get the eBook Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions by Ken Ham on Sale for Kindle! One of the most popular misconceptions by people who have walked away from the Church and their faith is that the Bible contains errors or inaccurate accounts. Many people also simply accept without question the claim by others that the Bible is full of contradictions. Even more disturbing is that a growing […]

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    Raising a Modern Day Joseph

    this post contains affiliate links How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph – On SALE for Kindle NOW!     As parents, we strive to help our kids grow into their full potential. We help them with their homework, get them involved in planned activities, and invest for their college education. But while we may plan for their success, we can overlook a vital part of their personal development: Nurturing and encouraging a solid foundation of […]

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    SAVE $45 on The MacArthur Study Bible (KINDLE)

      Wow! Right now you can save $45 on the Kindle edition of the MacArthur Study Bible! (Just $4.99) The MacArthur Study Bible, NIV (Signature) A classic resource. The MacArthur Study Bible is perfect for serious study. Dr. John MacArthur has collected his pastoral and scholarly work of more than 35 years to create the most comprehensive study Bible available. No other study Bible does such a thorough job of explaining the historical context, unfolding […]

  • Persecuted Church

    Persecuted Church

      Persecuted Church: The Global Assault on Christians- on sale today As Western Christians pray for the future of Christ’s church, it is vital that they understand a large part of the world’s Christian believers live in danger. Persecuted gives documented accounts of the persecution of Christians in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and former Soviet nations. It contains vivid stories of men and women who suffer abuse because of their faith in Jesus Christ, […]

  • Meaningful Gifts and Cheaper Than Amazon!

    this is a sponsored post I can’t believe it, but the holiday shopping season is upon us: I’m seeing holiday deals in my inbox already and it’s not even November! A lot of you might agree that holiday gift giving has lost some of what made it special in the past, and the expectation of material goods has gotten out of hand. But despite negative news, there is something really special about getting together and […]

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    How to Homeschool 9th and 10th Grades: Simple Steps for Starting Strong (Coffee Break Books Book 28) FREE!

      How to Homeschool 9th and 10th Grades: Simple Steps for Starting Strong (Coffee Break Books Book 28) FREE for Kindle! Learn What You Need to Cover in Freshman and Sophomore Year! Get started on your homeschool high school journey. These are exciting years in your child’s life! Let Lee help you get kick started!   >>>Learn all about: the best guidance counselor, planning high school courses, creating homeschool records, standardized high school tests, your maturing […]

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