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  • For You They Signed Boyer

    For You They Signed

    We used this resource a bit last year and loved it. I highly recommend it – grab it today!   For You They Signed by Marilyn Boyer More than simply facts and figures, For You They Signed provides an abundance of resources within one volume, including: • A full year of life-changing, challenging family or group devotional character studies • Over 90 illustrations, biographical summaries, and insightful quotes • Character quality definitions, Patrick Henry’s speech […]

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    It Is Not Death to Die: A new biography of Hudson Taylor Kindle Edition

      It Is Not Death to Die: A new biography of Hudson Taylor Kindle Edition   Hudson Taylor’s philosophy was simple “there is a living God, he has spoken in the Bible. He means what he says, and will do all that he is promised”. Motivated by a love for God and for his fellow man, his desire was to see Christ glorified in people coming to faith, particularly the Chinese. This honest account will […]

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    To Every Nation: A Study of 12 Missionaries & Their Great God

      To Every Nation: A Study of 12 Missionaries & Their Great God This  looks fabulous! From perseverance to compassion, To Every Nation is a 12-week study of real missionaries and their walk with God through the struggles of life. Through the study of the biographies of these precious warriors your family will grasp the depth of God’s provision, deepen their faith, understand suffering and become equipped to walk through life’s trials. This study is perfect for any family’s […]

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    Men of Science, Men of God

    this post contains affiliate links Men of Science, Men of God is on sale for Kindle right now! This looks like a great read aloud for summer. I am planning on reading it with my children. One of the most serious fallacies today is the belief that genuine scientists cannot believe the Bible. But the truth is that many of the major scientific contributions were made by scientists who were dedicated men of God. In Men […]

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    Martin Luther King, Jr. Notebooking Pages

    Head over to Notebooking Pages where this month all free members receive Martin Luther King, Jr. Notebooking Pages! Once you are a FREE member, click on January holidays to get yours PLUS so many other free resources for all year long!    

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    Sermons That Shaped America: Reformed Preaching from 1630 to 2001

    Sermons That Shaped America: Reformed Preaching from 1630 to 2001 This anthology of eighteen historic, Reformed sermons will be welcomed by all who have a serious interest in American history, literature, and religion. Each sermon is introduced by one of the editors, historians who specialize in American Christianity. The preachers represented in this volume “show us God’s servants as instruments of his grace,” writes William Barker. “They manifest in their lives the flaws of fallen, […]

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    131 Christians Everyone Should Know (Kindle) Save 80%

    this post contains affiliate links 131 Christians Everyone Should Know 80% off for Kindle! This book offers a succinct yet thorough introduction to 131 of the most intriguing, courageous, inspiring Christians who ever lived. It tells how they lived, what they believed, and how their faith affected the course of world history. Includes a timeline with a historical context for each individual, key quotes from or about each personality, and more than 60 photos. 131 Christians […]

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    50 People Every Christian Should Know by Warren Weirsbe on SALE

    this post contains affiliate links 50 People Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Spiritual Giants of the Faith on sale for Kindle! Christians in the twenty-first century need encouragement and inspiration to lead lives that honor God. When faith is weak or the pressures of the world seem overwhelming, remembering the great men and women of the past can inspire us to renewed strength and purpose. Our spiritual struggles are not new, and the stories of […]

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    To My Sons: Lessons For the Wild Adventure Called Life by Bear Grylls

    this post contains affiliate links  To My Sons: Lessons for the Wild Adventure Called Life  Free for Kindle right now!   This humorously illustrated book is a collection of wisdom that renowned adventurer Bear Grylls wants to share with his sons about the risks, tumbles, and victories of a well-lived life. Mountain climber, world-record holder, and internationally known television personality Grylls knows a thing or two about adventure. The greatest adventure he’s experienced, though, is […]

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