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Hot! Apologia Biology for 9th Grade

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Apologia Biology for 9th Grade

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As many of you know we have started high school officially this year! For science, we have chosen to use Apologia’s Biology curriculum since we have been using Apologia for most of our homeschool journey! Well, so far this curriculum does NOT disappoint. Apologia always proves to be a success!

In the early years, we used the Exploring Creation series and all of the children would do it together. I would read the lessons out loud and we would do the experiments together. In 7th and 8th grade, I began making the switch for my oldest to work independently using the middle school level books. Now that we are in high school, she is completely working on her own and I am thrilled to see her taking ownership of her work.

I love Apologia for so many reasons. Most of all it is Bible-based and always points back to the Creator. I could not imagine teaching science any other way. I marvel at seeing God in all of the details of His Creation and Apologia continually points that out through all of their books in every level.

I also love Apologia because it is comprehensive and thorough. Better still, they provide so many ways to learn the lessons. My daughter has the textbook that she reads through each day. She also has the option to listen to the MP3s of the lessons. And this year, as an extra help we have the DVD lessons which are a teacher giving even more information that she can watch. The labs are demonstrated on DVD as well.

The DVDs are so well done. This is an amazing resource for a learner who doesn’t do well with just a textbook or who would enjoy the visual aspect of the teacher demonstrations. I truly enjoy watching the videos with my daughter. They are sold separately, and well worth the purchase.

My daughter also uses the Student Notebook to complete as she works through each lesson. This is helpful in so many ways. It reinforces the lessons and helps instill what she has read. She also completes the Study Guide which prepares her for the tests. Since we are now in high school, I know I need to keep good records of her tests and her work, and Apologia outlines just how to do this for high school level in the beginning of the textbook. Grading and scoring are very thorough. This is quite helpful for a mama who wasn’t big on tests in elementary level homeschool 😉 This curriculum is SO parent-friendly!

In a few months, my daughter will be completing the dissection labs as part of this course. We will purchase the dissection kit from Apologia and do them at home. We actually have a special treat in doing this, because my father, who was a biology major in college and worked in science his whole life, will be joining us to complete the dissections with my daughter! Isn’t it wonderful to have the generations work together? I will be posting here and lots of photos on Instagram (don’t worry I won’t gross you out! 😉 when we get to the labs.

I will be posting more as we continue to work through Biology, so you all can see just what it looks like to use this amazing curriculum in real life. So be sure to subscribe to the blog and connect over on Facebook.

For more information on Apologia’s science curriculum or many other subjects they offer please visit Apologia.com.







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