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    Passover Resources

    Passover Resources

    this post contains affiliate links this post originally published in 2013 We have been studying Passover this week. This is where we are in our Bible study and I am thrilled that it lines up with the celebration of Passover which begins March 25.  (isn’t God faithful!?) I am compiling a list of some resources to share here. I think it is essential to understand Passover as a Christian and I am so grateful the […]

  • Easter Chalk Art Tutorial


    What an amazing blessing this is from Hodgepodge! It is so incredibly beautiful and definitely something to try out during this blessed Easter season! Easter Chalk Art Tutorial- head over now for more info!                  

  • Easter Nature Walk


    I am very excited about this Easter idea. After coming home from a weekend of long travel, we are taking it slow this week and doing mostly real-life learning and some special projects. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I was even thinking last night, how regretfully since are in a busy season right now, I have not been focusing on Easter as much as I’d like. And then…this. I came across it this […]

  • Bible & Grammar Curriculum


    Bible & Grammar Curriculum Well, this looks intriguing. Head over to Educents to read more: With the help of maps, photographs, and diagrams, the ancient cultures of the Bible are set in a context that can be readily understood. In addition, specially written teaching helps to educate today’s young reader in understanding the Bible’s meaning, as well as English grammar.      

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    Lit: A Christian Guide to Reading Books {Kindle}


    this post contains affiliate links Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books just $1.99 for Kindle! I love to read. I hate to read. I don’t have time to read. I only read Christian books. I’m not good at reading. There’s too much to read. Chances are, you’ve thought or said one of these exact phrases before because reading is important and in many ways unavoidable. Learn how to better read, what to read, when to […]

  • Overcoming Gossip: How satan, the Accuser of the Brethren, Uses Gossip to Fragment the Body of Christ FREE for Kindle!


    Overcoming Gossip: How satan, the Accuser of the Brethren, Uses Gossip to Fragment the Body of Christ FREE for Kindle!   Overcoming Gossip takes a serious look at how the “accuser of the brethren” works in partnership with people who gossip to bring down God’s children and keep a spirit of disrespect alive in families, churches, ministries, and communities. Through true stories gathered from believers, Overcoming Gossip highlights the various types of gossip as well as […]

  • Biblical Words and Their Meaning: An Introduction to Lexical Semantics


    this post contains affiliate links Biblical Words and Their Meaning: An Introduction to Lexical Semantics is 95% off right now!   When first published in 1983, Biblical Words and Their Meaning broke new ground by introducing to students of the Bible the principles of linguistics, in particular, on lexical semantics — that branch that focuses on the meaning of individual words. Silva’s structural approach provides the interpreter with an important lexical tool for more responsible understanding […]

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    The Jesus Storybook Bible


    this post contains affiliate links The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name I have heard so many great things about this book. This would be a great resource in a Bible-based homeschool~ The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name on sale at Amazon.com Experience The Jesus Storybook Bible now in this brand new digital edition — optimized for viewing on tablet and color screen devices. This updated digital edition features the engaging […]

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    Math U See Giveaway and Review

    400x400 March giveaway

    I have received compensation for this review in the form of a product. This has in no way altered my review of this product. All opinions are mine and are an honest review of the product. Read my full disclosure here. THIS GIVEWAY IS CLOSED!! Scroll down to see if YOU are the winner! Confession: I have not been known to be always consistent in our homeschool- we were guilty of switching our curriculum in […]

  • Simple Organization- Getting to the Heart Podcast Episode #8

    Simple Organization podcast

    Simple Organization Are you constantly feeling disorganized? Are you always looking for a new planner or system to help keep your home running more efficiently? Are you wanting that perfect looking home where everything matches and is Pinterest perfect?  For years, I was always trying to control disorder in my home, by thinking I needed to have the next best method of organization…whether it was a new planner, homeschool curriculum, chore system, meal plan, or […]

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