• Choosing a Verse for Your Homeschool Year

    For as many years as I can remember, we have been choosing a verse for our family each homeschool year. I usually pray about it for awhile and see where the Lord leads. It has been amazing to do this because we have seen each year how the verses truly fit our family and where He led us that year! This year every time I prayed about it, I kept hearing this one in my […]

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    When the First Day of School Isn’t Picture Perfect

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    Dear Mom whose first day of school wasn’t picture-perfect Yes, I know it hurts as you scroll through facebook and see picture after picture of smiling children, matching outfits, and hair just so. The chalkboard they’re holding proudly proclaims their grade level… Yet, your kids somehow don’t look like that. No one wanted to get dressed, let alone wear a new outfit or pretty hairstyle. And grade level? You are wondering where your struggling learner […]

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    Homeschool Plans 2017-2018

    Let us take time to meditate on our blessings (1)

    As we embark on our 12th year of homeschooling (after just trying it out for one year…raise your hand if that was you too?? ūüėČ ) I can’t help but feel a range of emotions…from excited to… how on earth? Anyway,¬†this year we will have an¬†11th, 9th, 7th, and 3rd grader. Which when I type that out makes me realize – TWO high schoolers, a middle schooler, and only one left in elementary. Wow! Here […]

  • Back to School Supplies- Deal Alert

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    Back to School Deals! Amazon has some supplies at great prices right now! SAVE 42%—>¬†Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks, Washable, 30 Pack, 0.24-ounce sticks SAVE 42%—>¬†EXPO Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors, 12-Count ADD-ON ITEM(with $25 purchase)¬†Sharpie Permanent Markers, Chisel Tip, Classic Colors, 8 Count-JUST $5.88! SAVE 43%—>Wilson Jones 3 Ring Binder 1-1/2 Inch, Round Ring View Binder, Basic, 362 Series, Customizable, White, 4 Pack¬† SAVE 36%—>Texas Instruments TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator ADD […]

  • FREE Warren Wiersbe Book (7.19)


    This one is FREE today! I grabbed it for my Kindle. I love these studies by Warren Wiersbe! The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: 2 Peter, 2&3 John, Jude: Beware of the Religious Imposters Kindle Edition The early church was facing a growing problem: Spiritual counterfeits. From false doctrine to mixed messages, Christians were struggling to separate fact from fiction. Sensing this threat to their young churches the apostles rallied to defend the Gospel in an […]

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    Deliver Us From Me-Ville KINDLE BOOK


    Deliver Us From Me-Ville¬†Kindle Book- ON SALE! Welcome to Me-Ville, where you’re surrounded by a culture that celebrates and elevates the individual. The You Utopia where your home, place of work, and even your place of worshp, is customized to your discerning tastes. A super-exclusive club where Self and Pride party, and Sacrifice and Humility can’t get past the velvet ropes. A place where it’s all about you. But is life supposed to be this […]

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    Raising a Modern-Day Joseph: A Timeless Strategy for Growing Great Kids [Kindle Edition]


    Raising a Modern-Day Joseph: A Timeless Strategy for Growing Great Kids¬† on SALE¬†For Kindle today!! Imagine this scenario for a typical teenager in your church: He’s separated from his family and sent to live in a hedonistic, no-holds-barred culture. He’s stripped of his spiritual support, left alone, and treated unfairly. Then, at his most vulnerable point, his ego is stoked with power and success. Throughout this rollercoaster ride, would he continue to serve God? This […]

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    31 Days of Praying for Your Homeschool

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    Several years ago I had this free printable available, and it was also part of the appendix in my book, Called Home. Last year when I re-released the book, we updated this section without the actual verses. Because of my desire to have women in the Word on their own, we just included the verse reference so that you can look up the verses on your own and in the translation of your choice. There […]

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    Will She Be Prepared?

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    Two summers. My baby girl has two summers left before she is¬†officially a bonafide adult and graduated from this journey of homeschooling. And actually, we are in one of those summers right now. So I guess that makes it one and a half summers?¬† Sigh. With each beautiful summer sunset, we get one day closer to the sun setting on a journey that has been so special for us. And the sun also rises on […]

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    Found: God’s Peace: Experience True Freedom from Anxiety in Every Circumstance Kindle Edition by John MacArthur


      Found: God’s Peace: Experience True Freedom from Anxiety in Every Circumstance Kindle Edition As someone who has struggled with anxiety that can be paralyzing at times, these books are so helpful in pointing to the Truth of Scripture. I love John MacArthur for always providing biblically sound resources. In Found: God‚Äôs Peace, trusted pastor and teacher John MacArthur tackles this vital question head-on. Throughout the book, MacArthur shares principles to help you overcome uncertainty, […]

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